Preserved Food

La cucina story When I was young, a big No sign was put by my mom in the kitchen, the funny part is that I thought it was kept there as kids are not allowed to be in the kitchen

but no the NO sign kept hunting me while growing up, cooking was a hard and a complicated experience for supper smart people like me or at least as how i wanted to make it look like..

one day i decided that no dear No sign i can do it it’s just “cooking” i went to the glossary shop got fruits vegetables and canned food and i did it! it was’nt as hard as i though، cooking is really a fun experience and since then it became my passion ..”

That was a paragraph written by one of the most famous home-made food business runner in her first book ..

Do it you own,, get everything ready ,, taste the falavourful taste of our preserved fruits and vegetables and accomplish the picture with our ready to eat canned food ” La cucina ” .. never waste the chance of having fun and enjoy the ultimate cooking adventure .. Happiness is home made just pick the right ingredients ..

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