Our Story

‘’Our health, happiness and strength is in a way dependent on mother nature .. In 2005, an Australian woman had been diagnosed with an unexpected disease.
Nine years later the strong lady was seen and considered as a strength icon as she fought her illness by the mostly raw, vegan diet that 'cured' her . She has also released a book to teach other sufferers that they can heal themselves by changing their diet. that story was backed up with a recent American study that showed the more fruits and vegetables you eat the more likely to beat any disease it's said that if you stayed with an all vegetables fruits nuts and fish diet that will lead to a life changing experience brought to you by ( deltafg) .. mothernature is powerful listen to it and never ignore its strength. undergoing a natural diet will load your body with all needed nutrition and energy that will keep you always in shape .’’


Delta Food Gate vision is to bring a broad line of high-quality fresh as well as preserved fruits and vegetables to retailers and business partners. Understanding our business partners’ needs and maintaining a detailed knowledge of our business partners’ requirements is our main goal …

Delta Food Gate aims to maintain its global operations and expanding its business worldwide by achieving consumers’ needs. Spreading our Egyptian high quality products in various market and spreading Delta Food Gate name as one of the most reliable brands is considered our number one priority .


To be the leaders in the fresh and canned food market by delivering the highest quality fresh and preserved fruits and vegetables, maintaining a stable consistent relationship with our customer all over the world and increasing control over the entire value chain .. .

Meeting our business partners’ expectations is our number 1 priority and this is made possible through detailed knowledge of our business partners, their needs and their requirements.Delta Food Gate has all the needed tools to continually meet these.

At Delta Food Gate we bring innovation into the lives of our everyday consumers, Additionally Delta Food Gate is focusing on the quick respond to our business partners’ by building a consumer-focused work mindset in its global operations.

Our markets

Thanks to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we are now an exporter to a large number of business partners all over the world as we are providing our business partners with a wide range of fresh and canned fruits and vegetables putting into consideration the difference in the requirements and tastes,Delta Food Gate guarantees the right match for worldwide taste with a competitive price.

We are currently over many regions in the Middle east and Europe as well as Africa,USA & Gulf countries.

Social & environmental responsibility

At Delta Food Gate we are committed to supply our market in the most possible sustainable way we work with our partners to maintain environmental and social sustainability , we do our best to reduce the environmental impact of our distribution and supply chain operations and we maintain sustainable methods of sourcing .

Our focus on fruits and vegetables is underlined by a desire to be a food market player who focuses on the complete chain of its products.