Fresh Food

We are considered as one of the largest suppliers for fruits and vegetables and fully aware about the market .
Delta Food Gate maintains a strong partnership with its clients, suppliers and supply chain providers to bring the highest quality vegetables and fruit from Egypt across the world .Growing the highest quality products is our goal. Delta Food Gate allocates extensive resources towards research and development. Our growers are continuously involved in field trials and experiments, we are involved closely with our growers in order to share knowledge and grow the healthiest, tastiest and freshest products Egypt land can offer.

The entire value chain in the fruits and vegetables category is covered by Delta Food Gate’S Fruit & Vegetables business starting by the production ( growing , sourcing …etc ) passing by the supply chain and all other related services such as packing , private labels …etc )

Delta Food Gate is considered one of the leading companies in offering more than just fresh fruits and vegetables. Delta Food Gate is always looking for enriching and developing its supply programs.

Our product range includes oranges grapes pomegranates dates and now also includes artichokes & Onions. Our products are almost available all year round and this is easily achieved due to our in house expertise, a worldwide supplier network and an extremely efficient logistic planning.One of Delta Food Gate’S main targets is continually introducing new Egyptian products to the global markets which is constantly changing in terms of demand that’s why we are always seeking to provide a variety of products which always meet the expectations of the consumers worldwide and that’s why it’s becoming increasingly important to stay perfectly aware and attuned to business partners’ wishes and always providing our business partners with an extensive range of fresh and tasty fruits and vegetables.

We always make sure to deliver products that meet the highest quality demands. We are able to guarantee that most of our products can be supplied all year around because we know we can fully rely on our farmers and growers who we have worked with for many years. All our farmers are working under the supervision of our certified and experienced agro-engineers in order to meet the high quality standards of Delta Food Gate. Together, Delta Food Gateis continually aiming to develop its selection and extend its product range.