In addition to delta food gate processing activities as well as being an exporter of the finest varieties of dried dates and fresh fruits and vegetables delta food gate agreed on being the African export arm of Gandour , a major biscuits snacks and candies manufacturers in the middle east , having an experience of almost 10 decades in the biscuits and candies manufacturing industry which enabled it to produce top quality products..

Established in 1857, Gandour originally manufactured a variety of editable products and continued to grow regionally as well as globally

opening additional factories in Saudi arabia , Egypt and India firmly extending the reach of its product lines within the region and beyond . Under this agreement Gandour grants Delta food gate, the right to market and sale its products in Africa on an exclusive basis .

Gandour offers an extensive range of products including confectioneries, baked goods, cocoa based products, hard candies, cakes, snakes and wafers. All brands have brands have been developed for all types of consumers with a wide variety of products that strive to satisfy whoever tries it and help create enjoyable and memorable snacking moments.

Kunuz the hard candies brand comes in a wide range of flavors, forms and sizes as you can find it hard in the form of single candies ( big and small ) bubble lollis as well as small and big lollipops with a variety of flavors with a fresh and sweet taste .

Gandour best bakes comes in a variety of flavors and forms ranging from cream filled biscuits to plain tea biscuits and wafer made from high quality ingredients with over 100 years of baking experience ..