Our operations


Our canned food factory

At Delta Food Gate we are totally aware that each market requirement is unique.

Delta Food Gate is supported by a manufacturing plant that is considered as one of its kind in the Middle East. The factory, is utilizing the world’s latest updated technologies.

Our factory runs at a capacity of 700,000 cans per day & it integrates a quality control facility as well as a research and development lab. Each of the facilities are supported by world’s latest technologies that enable the Delta Food Gate team to develop innovative, environmentally-friendly, premium products for our business partners.

As Delta Food Gate is continuously growing its production and manufacturing facilities are growing as well at a remarkable rate.


Our farms are geographically spread over various locations in Egypt to benefit from a wide range of soil types and different atmospheres and climates to supply a wide variety of the healthiest and most delicious fruits and vegetables throughout the year.

Delta Food Gate is focused on being the best fruits and vegetables provider in the middle east. our mission is to provide high quality fruits and vegetables is which is accomplished through a highly motivated employee team that focuses on satisfying our customers’ needs and fulfill their requirements.

In Delta Food Gate we store at both pre-cooling & cold store units as well as dry stores which are added very close to our pack-house & harvest places in order to ensure the freshness of our fruits and vegetables and due to the nearness of harvest places ,pack houses and cold-store it takes only few hours to complete the packaging and pre-cooling prior to the loading ..

Some of our packaging materials are imported from Europe and others are manufactured in Egypt with the agreed worldwide standards as all our materials are Food grade to ensure the safety of our products.


Pack houses

Delta Food Gate has pack-houses for dates , vegetables soft fruits and citrus fruits ..

Fruits and Vegetables are packed in a suitable pack-house as we used qualified experts to operate the pack house and make it ready for packaging

In order to achieve high efficiency in citrus sorting according to color, size and weight we do this in a packhouse dedicated only to citrus by electronic sizing machines.

Transport & supply chain

Delta Food Gate is serving a wide range of business partners all over the world with a daily distribution to various delivery points worldwide, with the aid of its supply chain partners Delta Food Gate covers the needs of all of its business partners in terms of high quality and fast delivery.

Our business partners rely on us for a complete supply chain solution for their fresh fruit & vegetables as well as canned food and other frozen products as per our experience in temperature controlled supply chain.

We are able to meet the needed requirements for storage, handling & transport of fresh and canned food as well as our experience in other support services such as packaging and repackaging.


Delta Food Gate is working with all major shipping lines which give our company a competitive advantage in terms of flexibility, effectiveness & cost reduction. We create an individual supply chain solution for each customer by determining the suitable method of transport & packaging. Having a perfect relationship with our supply chain partners helps us to provide the best shipping service to our clients. .

Our strategy

Our strategy at Delta Food Gate aims at providing a range of high quality fruits & vegetables to our business partners all over the world this is possibly achieved through our good detailed knowledge of our business partners’ requirements and needs.

At Delta Food Gate we are focusing on our business partners’ satisfaction and we are continually doing our best to maintain their loyality and trust in our high quality fruits and vegetables.


Our markets

Delta Food Gate has a good and remarkable presence in Europe , we maintain close and daily contacts with our business partners and with the largest retailers and wholesalers we carry on the necessary services such as packaging ripening and buffering , we do our business either directly ot through neighborhood countries .. In Africa we serve a variety of countries all over Africa and in the middle east and we have a little presence in Asia as well

Our sourcing areas

Our fresh fruits and vegetables come from many places of agricultural holdings across Egypt .

Growing the highest quality produce is our goal. We work closely with other growers in order to share knowledge and grow the healthiest, tastiest and freshest produce our land can offer.


With the continuous support from of our R&D, Delta Food Gate is working hard to become one of the top Egyptian food industry leaders and one of the major suppliers worldwide , our R&D team keeps an eye on the international technologies and maintain its regular researches to adopt with the worldwide changes in order to fulfill our business partners’ needs..